mugs, socks, back packs and reading glasses at the Extravaganza. Pillowcases

will be used to make dresses for girls in Africa. Kits will be available for anyone wanting to make a dress. Items need not be new, but should be in good condition.


Yarn, Patterns, Needles/Hooks

  • ​How KonMari can help knitters/crocheters/weavers find more time to knit/crochet/weave.
  • ​What it would look like to KonMari your stash, your patterns, your tools, etc.

"​​Show Favorite" Competition

​    Anita will share her personal story of how she became involved in helping others.
​    Anita has worked for Regional Hospice as a Registered Nurse for the past 10 years. Her hobbies include “loving up my grandkids, traveling, sewing, volunteering and helping others.” She organizes the Live Nativity in Frederic each year.
​    While on a missions trip to build greenhouses at a school in Africa, Anita’s sister noticed the children were either naked or their clothing was ragged and torn. She contacted Anita and said she needed clothes. Anita got a group of ladies together who sewed and within a year they were able to send 1,000 dresses and shorts to Africa!
​    Anita has helped prepare and serve meals at Listening House, a shelter in St. Paul, Minn. During her time spent at Listening House she noticed other needs and began providing blankets, coffee cups, socks, purses and

personal hygiene items to the shelter.


Donate items you no longer use and bring home something new!

Christine Hofler

Bring a pair of  knitted or crocheted slippers to enter in the "Show Favorite" competition. The slippers must be made by the person entering the competition.  Limit one entry per person. Your slippers will be numbered and each Extravaganza attendee will receive one ballot to cast for their favorite.​

Anita Baker


​    Are you obsessed with the Netflix show Tidying Up? Learn all about the method!

​    Join us as we welcome Christine Hofler, knitter and certified KonMari consultant. We'll learn all about the KonMari method.

Style Show

Bring a knitted or crocheted item for the style show. Need not be a wearable item. Complete the style show registration form and include it with your registration.
​If you decide to bring something after mailing your registration, send an email to: by August 30.

​    She and her husband, Mark, have lived on their small hobby farm near Frederic for the past 33 years. They share their farm with six fainting goats, three dogs, two cats and a betta fish.
​    Knitting & Crochet Extravaganza has donated hats to Listening House. We will be collecting blankets, sheets, pillowcases, coffee 

  • Knitting-specific insights Christine has gained from her own personal KonMari journey.
  • Examples and client stories.
  • KonMari folding method demo.

    Christine is going to walk us through an exercise. Bring 3 skeins of yarn with you; 2 that you love and 1 that you are on the fence about. We won't be using the yarn, it's just to help us learn more about the method.

  • What is the KonMari method – background, key points, categories, how-tos, misconceptions, etc.
  • What is Christine's story with KonMari and organizing? We'll learn about her business –
    Curate for Joy!